Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spooky Halloween Designs

Here are some spooky Halloween Design ideas! Here's a little bit of info on these pictures...
  • The "Trick or Treat" jar is a hurricane candle holder I filled with candy corn.
  • The "Wicked Witch and her Little Monsters live here" is a black plate with white lettering. The finished product pricing (plate, vinyl and applied for you) is only $10!
  • The slides that have the "Boo", "EEK", and "Don't make me get my flying monkeys" is vinyl lettering placed on top of scrapbook paper.I used an unfinished frame (you can either purchase from me, or you can find them at Micheal's or JoAnn's craft stores). As an added touch I drilled holes into the frames and strung orange ribbon through it. The GREAT thing about this idea is that it can translate into each season! Just take the scrapbook paper out and place a new scrapbook paper design for each season, and replace the ribbon. Even if you aren't crafty, this is a SIMPLE way to have truly unique holiday decor, and it's SO inexpensive!
  • The "Happy Haunting" block stacker is fun and simple to make. I have pre-cut blocks availabe for $5.00. I painted it black and applied vinyl lettering. Then I embellished it with some ribbon. You can purchase the kit (everything you see here) for $19.50 (the vinyl only pricing is just $8.50).
  • The "Neighbors have the good candy" and the "No tricks just treats" designs are painted wood boards. I have pre-cut unfinished boards for $5.00 if you need them.
Email me if you have any questions or want a quote!

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  1. Your work is super cute! How can I buy some? Do you have an online catalog? sharonsbooks{at}gmail{dot}com.


  2. super cute! when I can spend a little more, I will for sure order some halloween stuff cause we decorate a lot of halloween. I might even order it for the next halloween.