Friday, August 15, 2008

Unique Plate Decor

Unique Plate Décor

Hey everyone! I'm having a Mid-Summer Special going on now through the end of August! All my plate designs are only $15 !!!!!!!!!!! (That's finished product pricing! Can you believe it...I know...great deal huh!)

Attached are two of my most popular designs. Keep an eye on my blog, I will be posting my newest designs soon. Pictures are to come, but they are of some cute chocolate sayings, and then I have 2 holiday plates I'm working on. One is a fall/Thanksgiving over sized plate that says "Because I have been given much...I too mush give..." and a Christmas plate that's red with white lettering saying "Wise Men Still Seek Him" The "I" in Him is placed with a star and below is a graphic of the wise men traveling on camels. It's really cute...describing it doesn't do it justice!

***A flat rate of $5.00 will be added to out of town orders

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